I can see joy through dance in your future  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Tue 15 Oct 2019
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I can see joy through dance in your future
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Dance, in all it's glorious variations, has been around in all cultures as far back as we can discover. That is because of the joy we feel when in harmony with music, other people or simply allowing it to take us to another level.

I suspect it is simply the endorphines kicking in and making us feel good.
It's partially working our brain and muscles in attempted union.

Today I'd like you to think about where and when you are getting your dose of that feelgood factor and challenge you to think about other people in your life who deserve to share those experiences.

Before diving into some special events, I'd love to know how dance influences your life.
Can you give me a couple of minutes of your time to complete the "Dance and Me" survey.
Whether you've danced forever or still contemplating your first steps prompted by Strictly, your holiday or a wedding party, we'd like your opinions.
The Dance and Me survey.


A2Z.EventsI'd also like you to think about dance and healthy activities that aren't already listed with us. 
Do you attend a dance lesson or social event that isn't listed?
Do you have a friend who teaches yoga or pilates?
Do you run a session that is considered good for the mind or body?

Then please add it free to our platform,
free of charge, at www.A2Z.Events



As you know, UKDance.Events is filled with drop-in classes, courses, workshops and events of all kinds, for all levels and age groups, throughout the UK.

The site supports hosts of all sorts of dance.
Whether you seek ballroom or tango, social salsa, bachata & kizomba, from lindy to breakdance, we invite hosts to list for free and of course you are welcome to view freely.

We can't possibly fit everything nor even a proper fraction of the listings in the newsletter, so won't even try.  Here are just a few that I espy on the horizon in the hope that I can insire you to go out to keep fit, meet people and have fun.


However since it is a Wednesday, the day I have published, here is a flavour:

The London home for salsa each Wednesday is Metrolatina, based at Bar Salsa in Soho.

All levels of Scottish country dance are taught each Wednesday in Witham, Essex.
The Louisiana Line Dance Club offer lessons in Martlesham, Suffolk


For Friday 18th, El Grande anticipates over 1000 people to dance sa;lsa, kizomba and bachata in 4 rooms till 5am after lessons including Mina Queen Salsa, in Kings Cross.

A Saturday Night Social Dance Ballroom Latin plus a little popular Sequence can be found in Birmingham on 19th October.


Caramelo, in Paddington, on Saturday 26th offer a choice of bachata or salsa intensive workshops.

Learn bachata in a day in Paddington Paddington Salsa

Also on the 26th, however in Shipley, near Leeds, there is a workshop that will encourage you to locate the part of you which really resonates with energy and rekindle and reaffirm that connection for extremely powerful self-healing, through yoga.

Kingston start the Halloween party season on Saturday 26th 

On Sunday 27th the Streetbeat team offer a 5-hour workshop on dancing in a smooth, fluid way that looks and feels great, in Soho.


The Clacker Band, with Maria Ahearn will be presenting an evening of great 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s songs to dance to on Wednesday 30th in Hampton.

(We love to dance to live music, so if you know an event with live music, get them to list on A2Z.Events)


The following day there is a Thursday after work salsa social in Holborn whilst there is a Freaky Friday for Halloween in Central London on Friday 1st.

Freaky Friday in Central London
The first week of each month always sees the start of various month long courses, so we encourage you to find the perfect one for you and have fun, learning a new skill.


November will be filled with chances to learn and dance, however this one is brand new and deserves your attention if you are a tango dancer.

Based in both Letchworth and Hatfield, the 3-day (8-9-10th November) event is dedicated to everything Argentine Tango.

Milongas, Gala, Workshops, Taster Classes, Free Chacarera Class with live music, Live Orchestra, Traditional Golden Age Tango Music by Professional DJs, Star Performances and Fashion Show.

Letchworth and Hatfield 3-d Argentine Tango weekend


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